The Ultimate Guide to Determine Your Hair Type Instantly

What exactly is my Hair Type?  Have you still not discovered its answer? Well, it’s better late than never. Now is the time to know everything about your hair because your hair worth it.

When it comes to Hair Type, the topic is very expansive and vast because generically hair contains a variety of types including curly, wavy, straight and many more.

And the best part is:

No matter what your Hair Type is, some good hairdos and hairstyles can always express your look. Additionally, determining your hair type is a key to look like a voguish damsel in a trice.

Want to know how?

The reason is that after you have determined the type of your hair, you can easily choose the best products and styles for your hair.

This article is the best guide for you to determine of what type your hair actually is. So read till the end. This 10-minute article can totally make your hairstyling life easy and effortless.

 Why Does My Hair Consume So Much Time?

Do you spend a lot of time in your hairstyling? Have you always craved your hair to transition from straight to curly or wavy hair and vice versa? Do you try a lot of styles on your hair and change it again and again because it does not suit you and you ultimately end up making your hair messier?

What could be the reason?

In brief, the sole reason is that you are oblivious of your Hair Type. If you get successful in determining it, you will definitely get happy with your natural Hair Type because the choice of your hairstyle will become a piece of cake then.

So stay with me. I will discover your Hair Type today and right now.

3 Trendiest Typing Hair Systems:

Trendiest Typing Hair Systems

Till date, many Hair Typing Systems have been devised. All of them are popular and reasonable in their own ways. The choice of Hair Typing System is totally up to you.

I will limit our discussion to the following most re-known hair typing systems:

  • LOIS Hair Typing System
  • FIA’s Hair Typing System
  • Andre Walker’s Hair Typing System

Although, all of them are vastly used worldwide, the Andre Walker system is considered to be way more popular and recommended. But again, choosing your typing hair system is totally your own choice.

Now we will discuss every system in detail along with the hairstyles that suit that particular type.

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