23 Darn Cool Medium Bob Hairstyles to Try This Season

Looking for the Medium Bob Hairstyles? Here your search ends up! Because there are lots of options to rock right now! The roots of this iconic style go back to Cleopatra.

In the era when ladies don’t want to chop the hair because the long hair has become the symbol of feminism, medium cuts provide a midway to enjoy longer length which is still manageable. Furthermore, the addition of bob makes shoulder length elegant yet very less maintenance-requiring styling option.

Bob may seem as kind of a straightforward hairdo at first, however, it’s certainly not. It provides a great room to play with the layers’ length, the hair textures, and the hair colors.

Thus, such haircuts provide an easy and classy solution to women of every age and class. From teenage girls to working ladies, bobbed cut makes all ready to steal the show with an alluring appearance.

23 Easy-to-Style Medium Bob Haircuts for Women of Every Age

It is very important to choose a right bob that suits your face shape and personality. An anonymous fashion magazine has once published:

“When someone tells you that long hair is what makes a woman feminine and beautiful…REMEMBER that pop culture’s most beautiful and iconic women had short hair”

From 90’s beauties to today’s fashion symbols, i.e., Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Claire Danes, Jessica Chastain, and many more embraced the industry with their heartthrob bobbed haircuts.

If you are planning to have a makeover, then have a quick look at the below mentioned Medium Length Haircuts which will transform your looks in an eye catching way.

1.      Blunt Medium Length Bob:

Blunt Medium Length Bob

This simple yet chic hairdo draws audience’ attention to the cheekbones and eyes. As the famous celebrity stylist Charles Dujic claims “A blunt bob with bangs on a heart shaped face looks great”.

So, by styling it straight and smooth, one can emphasize the bob’s bluntness. To achieve a perfect sleek look, must use a paddle like brush.

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