27 Chic and Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Have you ever told by someone that you have a baby round face and a short haircut will not suit you? Have you always been trying to keep long hair so that your face may appear slim and less round? Then it’s time to break the rule and get one of the most chic Short Hairstyles for Round Faces.

The most alluring Short Hairstyles for Round Faces are the ones that go well with your hair texture and in the meanwhile gives you an appearance of having an oval faced shape. Whether it’s a bob or a pixie, any short length can fulfill the purpose.

The key is to find those elements in your style that elongate and slim your face while keeping the required maintenance at the lower level.

There are a number of Short Hairstyles for Round Faces, all will allow you to get a slimmer face appearance. Scroll down to get an idea of the most trendy and alluring hairstyles/haircuts that are suitable for round faces to grab this season.

27 Beautiful Short Haircuts for Round Faces to Try This Season

Looking stylish and trendy is no more difficult now if you own a round face; because the below mentioned 27 chic hairstyles/haircuts will definitely upgrade your looks instantly. These hairstyle options would give you a unique way of looking catchy and elegant for every kind of occasion.

So, do not miss the chance to look catchy and pick a few of the below mentioned hairstyle ideas to rock the parties and other get togethers. Here we go!

1.      Sleek, Ultra Short Curls for Round Faces:

Sleek, Ultra Short Curls for Round Faces

As per the beauty rule-books, ultra short curls will not work well for the round faces. However, it’s time to break the rule because this style looks absolutely amazing on a round face with a little modification.

In this haircut, the face sides are cropped and forehead is bare. So, the curls on the top add volume to the face because of which it looks elegant and long. A long neck also helps out to pronounce the style. No doubt, sleek, ultra short curls haircut is really an elegant rule breaker.

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