25 Elegant Short Shag Haircut to Enhance Your Looks

Jumping into the bandwagon of Short Shag Haircut, numerous trendy looks are available to rock the day! Gone are the days when curlers could only be used for long hair.

Short and Shaggy has become the latest, most in demand trend, giving an edge to your personality. The bold look speaks for itself and draws instant attention.

The shag provides volume to your hair and you can look drop dead gorgeous with less time consuming on styling and even less accessories.

Who else is more inspiring than gorgeous Emma Watson? She has rocked the pixie hair and it was her most sassy look!

25 Most Beautiful Short Shag Hairstyles to Try Instantly


The following short shag hairstyles are sure to promise the eye-catching look for one’s personality.

‘’ A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.’’

Remember these words of Coco Channel and go be bold, bombastic and fabulous!!!

1.      Sassy Short Hair:

Sassy Short Hair

‘’Old is gold!’’

This is an old trend that has been seen a comeback in the 21st century. Women with thin hair opt for this shag haircut. It provides an illusion of a thick mane, volumizing the hair.

It could be carried with your natural hair color or any dye ranging from black to burgundy. The hairstyle is sure to bring out the sassy chick look in you!

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