10 Easy Natural Short Hairstyles

Increasing numbers of women are cutting all their chemically-treated hair at once and beginning over with healthy hair as a result of the Big Chop. Start your healthy natural hair journey with the Big Chop! If you’ve gotten overly connected to your hair, it might be freeing and powerful to get rid of it.

The Big Chop, on the other hand, necessitates a long-term commitment due to the time it takes for hair to regrow. The versatility of short hair and its beauty make it difficult to know what to do with it if you have long hair.

We looked for inspiration for short hairstyles online, but most of the styles required a very precise cut or colour to be achieved. If you’re looking for a haircut that doesn’t require frequent trims or colour treatments, we’re more interested in those that can be done at home. As your hair grows from an inch to two to four or five inches, you may attain almost all of the ten styles shown here!

We also looked for hairstyles that could be worn by women with a variety of hair types and patterns of curls. Whatever your hair type, you’ll find something useful here!

10 Easy Natural Short Hairstyles

The Bantu knots.


If you’ve got short hair, you’ll need to make the knots smaller, but we think they look great! In the case of Lupita Nyong’o, we mean. The usage of extensions to enlarge your bantu knots is a simple and quick solution for this problem. This lesson shows you how to make a bantu knot out of your own hair!


Waves of the fingers.


You’ll be the talk of the town! Simple, yet attractive, waves may be applied to any length of hair. Check out this instruction on how to make finger waves.


Twist out of it.


What if you thought twist-outs were just for those with long, wavy locks? You’ve got it backwards! You may get an edgy effect by using tiny twists. This style looks well on hair in any length, including 4c, 4b, and 4a. Become a master of the twist-out!

It’s time for a fake hawk.


To pull off this adorable appearance, you don’t need as much length as you think! Make a faux-hawk with this step-by-step guide.


Simple side portion of the hairstyle.


In only a few minutes, you can accomplish this look with trimmed 4B and 4C hair. For an eye-catching summer outfit, pair with a bright hue.


Six. Flat twists.


If you have very short hair, they may be done in a variety of ways, from basic to sophisticated. Flat twists on short hair may be achieved with this thorough lesson.


A whiff of TWA ailment.


A puff can be worn with short or long hair. An easy way to achieve a TWA puff with your hair alone is shown below, but for a more dramatic effect, consider using clip-ins or Marley hair.


Coils of eight fingers.


With patience, finger coils may look fantastic on short curly hair. In terms of time, this hairdo may be the most time-consuming on our list. For those with short hair, here’s a lesson on how to achieve finger coils.


Style #9: a protective one.


Even if none of these possibilities appeal to your sense of adventure, you may always select for a protective style such as box braids, Marley twists, or any other that you find appealing. Take care of your hair while you’re in the style! Check out these myths and suggestions concerning protective styles.

10. Rinse, repeat.


This is one of the most appealing aspects about short natural hair: styling it is a breeze. Take advantage of this exciting time in your natural hair journey by washing and going with your curl pattern. You may learn all you need to know about washing and drying your hair in this video.

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