Twists are a great option for guys with Afro-textured hair because of their versatility and popularity. This is because they are not only beautiful, but they are also simple to do, taking less time than box braids or cornrows. Twists are an easy, low-maintenance hairstyle that keeps your strands strong and vibrant. Aside from that, twists look excellent on all hair lengths and may be worn with a variety of fading techniques and braids. There’s a hair twist for everyone’s taste.

Black Men’s Hair Twist Hairstyles

1. Twist Out

Twist-outs are popular due to the effortless cool they offer you. It’s a more relaxed and unstructured twist than other kinds. To make things even better, twisting your hair out brings out the volume in your curls. In the end, you’ll seem to have more hair. Start with two-strand twists and let the style set overnight to get a twist out. The following day, try to figure out all of the kinks.

2. Short Hair Twists

Twists are more common on long or medium hair, but they look great on both – especially with a mid fade. Nevertheless, the ultimate look of the hairstyle is determined by your curl pattern. Short twists, like 4C curls, on tightly coiled hair, provide a softer look.

3. Medium Length Hair Twists

When it comes to the twist hairstyle, medium-length hair works best since it allows each twisted part to stand out clearly. Because it’s thicker and heavier than short hair, your twists will hang down like braids. By separating the parts in various ways and creating patterns with the exposed skin, you may give medium-length hairstyles a new look. Popular designs include boxes, skull patterns, and triangles.

4. Two Strand Twists

The most traditional and well-known twist hairdo is the two-strand twist. To create them, twist two tiny sections of your hair together and let them hang freely to form a pair of ropes. Twist your hair until it is completely twisted using the same method. Adding beads or rings to the ends of the twists is an option for some guys, but you may just keep them simple.

5. Long Hair Twists

Long hair twists are a simple and quick method to get the dreadlocks to look. Twist your hair for a dreadlock-like appearance without waiting months or years for natural development. Twists, on the other hand, do not last as long as genuine loss; you should only keep twists in for a few weeks before detangling them. Wrap the twists in yarn at the base for a smooth appearance. Keep in mind that longer twists take longer to insert and weigh more than shorter twists.

6. Twists + Temp Fade

Many fades work well with twists, but the temp fade is by far the most common. The temp fade is a taper fade that starts at the back of your head and fades to the front. It also draws attention to the top of your head, giving the impression that your limbs are longer than they really are. A temporary fade will keep all attention on your hair twists, no matter how short or medium-length they are.

7. Twists + High Top

For a high top, you’ll need to shave the sides of your hair extremely short while leaving the top of your hair long. A more traditional take on the design from the 1980s has the top portion is a flat rectangle. Today’s guys, on the other hand, are becoming more inventive when it comes to wearing high heels. The top portion may be twisted as an alternative. This hairstyle looks best on those with thick, long hair.

8. Faux Hawk Twists

Faux hawk twists, like other mohawk designs, call for very short sides, taper fades, or even a complete shave of the hairline. From the front of your head to the rear, the lengthy center portion is spiked up. The addition of twists to that area provides a stylish and distinctive appearance to the faux hawk for black guys.

9. Flat Twists

Flat twists look similar to cornrows, and the technique is alike. From the front of your head to the rear of your head, your stylist will divide your hair into straight lines. Your hair will be twisted in a two-strand twist rather than an underhand method to produce elevated braids.

8. Triangle Twists

Sectioning the hair differently may give two-strand twists a distinctive appearance. Your hairdresser may split your hair into triangle-shaped pieces instead of utilizing a conventional box pattern to achieve the classic appearance of box braids. To finish it off, they’ll use the same two-strand method to twist your hair again.

9. Taper Fade + Sponge Twists

When utilizing the two-strand technique, men with thick 4C curls may find it difficult to achieve distinct twists. Sponge twists come in handy in this situation, of course. These twists are made using a special hole-filled styling sponge called a twist sponge or a loc sponge. Your hairdresser inserts a sponge into the gaps in your hair and then spins it to create twists. The combination of sponge twists and a taper fade creates a refined but manly appearance.

10. Thick Twists

Heavy twists are worn by guys who wish to stand out in a crowd. They’re also referred to as big twists. However, you don’t need long hair to get this look — thick twists look great on short and medium-length hair as well. Men who desire a more traditional African appearance may dress up their twists with gold-toned rings or other adornments.

11. Bleached Twists

Inspired by athletes like Odell Beckham Jr., black guys are reviving their bleached and partly bleached hairstyles. Bleach the tips of your twists to spice things up a little and catch everyone’s attention. As your hair will no longer have its original black pigment, you may experiment with different colors like red with ease.

12. Twist Out + Undercut

For some time now, the undercut has been popular among males, and it shows no signs of going out of style. An undercut, which is both short on the sides and long on the top, has a unique appearance that calls for confidence. Undercuts with a twist, especially on the sides, will look great on men who love the style of the ’90s.


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