12 ways to rock slick Back Men’s Hairstyles

Indeed, the man who can pull off the slicked back style with a bit of hair gel and wax always looks stylish: Justin Timberlake, David Beckham, and Shia LaBeouf have all elegantly presented this chic look at one point or another in their professional careers. Suppose you’ve always wanted to give this a try but didn’t have enough confidence to make a move. Take a look at these hairstyles for inspiration. Make sure to read our guide to waxes and gels for hair for more helpful tips!

1. Classic Slick Back

ways to rock slick Back Men's Hairstyles

Jon Hamm may play quite an unlikable character in Mad Men, but he certainly appears gorgeous when he does it. This was the most glam style in the 70s and 60s, and due to the cult television show, it’s now returning. Moreover, it’s an effortless style to duplicate: grab hold of a long-lasting, sturdy-holding hair gel and apply it to your hair.

2. Modern Slicked Back, Undercut

The contemporary cut undercut (AKA the “Ice Gem” style, although we believe that’s unfair) is now the most popular haircut for the millennial generation. It is often seen in the southerly regions you go to the UK A party in London would not be complete without the dozens of youngsters wearing this cut. But, not all of them are as attractive as Becks does in this photo.

3. High Fade

The high fade slick back hair is a well-loved style, particularly when paired with thick or properly groomed facial hair. It’s among the most straightforward techniques to maintain. A visit to the barbershop every few weeks will keep you on track unless you’re a pro using hair clippers.

4. Flexible Undercut

This look isn’t as prominent as the trendy undercut, but it does follow the same pattern. The fade is less noticeable, flowing seamlessly into the slicked-back style.

5. Long Slick Back

If you’re a person who has long hair, slicing it back could appear to be the only alternative. But, as this lass has proven, this style has plenty of appeal, especially when you have silky and smooth locks to shape. It’s definitely worth the class a try if you’re trying to look more sophisticated and, as a tip, it’s beautiful when paired with the right suit.

6. Low Fade

The low fade cut is a more refined version of the contemporary amount that is slicked back. It’s perfect for nights when you’re trying to impress with your perfect-fit dress and pants.

7. Hair cut with Beard

As the cut becomes more trendy, so does the full Beard. So why not mix the two? A long and full beard can add unclean masculinity for well-defined undercuts such as the one above, creating an outdoor and adventurous look. We know it’s an effort to maintain slick hair and beards that are bushy; however, trust us when we say that it’s well worth it. This ultimate guide to beard care will assist you in making sure that you don’t make any mistakes.

8. Wavy Slick Back

Like long hair, the slick wavy back is a strange style; however, the roughness and texture give an individuality distinct from the rest of the crowd. Remember: being confident enough to attempt an enticing kind can bring a lot of sex appeal. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if your style attracts much more interest than friends by wearing this style.

9. Peaky Blinder Slick Back

The Peaky Blinders are among the most remarkable characters ever to grace English television. Even though they might be volatile, unpredictable, unstable, and even murderous, they’re also blessed with fantastic hair. When he takes off his iconic caps, Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson) unveils an impressive, distinct undercut that reveals his raw charisma. Some people can’t do this, but if you manage it, you’ll never regret it.

10. Tapered Fade

The style was popular throughout Latin America in the 80s; however, although it’s less prevalent in the present, we’re beginning to observe it returning. Keep the trend going and embrace it as the latest fashion.

11. Dyed Slick Back

The most effective method to notice your hair’s slick back is to dye it in a different shade. If you’re intrigued but not confident enough to use bleach, begin with just the slick-back hair and keep the dye for Phase Two.

12. Side Parting

This might not be the classic slicked-back look. However, the side-parted face is becoming more popular in contemporary business workplaces. With a crisp grey suit, this style creates an unforgettable impression.

As you will see, the slicked-back style doesn’t need to be limited to the traditional style that your grandfather probably had. There are plenty of ways to customize this look to your liking, and you’ll likely be wishing that you had been a part of the trend of slicked-back hair long ago. Check out our complete selection of beard care and styling products to give your hair that perfect finish.

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