14 Top Tips For Black Men’s Guide for Natural Growth

14 Top Tips For Black Men’s Guide for Natural Growth

14 Top Tips For Black Men’s Guide for Natural Growth, One of the most common misconceptions regarding Afro hair is that it’s extremely difficult to take care of. The majority of men head straight to the barbershop when they’ve got one inch of hair growth, but the truth is that managing Afro hair is quite easy if you’ve got a routine.

It’s more than just choosing the right product. The maintenance of healthy and strong hair which looks great involves more than good technique and elimination of any extra product that is blocking your progress.

In this blog we’re not planning to discuss routine, well we’re not going to talk about routine — but rather, our top 14 Afro hair-care tips for males.

1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

14 Top Tips For Black Men’s Guide for Natural Growth | Reduce the number of times you wash your hair with Afros to just one time per week, particularly in the case of shampoos that contain sulfate. Sulfate-based shampoos are effective cleaners but they use harsh ingredients which strip hair’s oils (sebum) which can cause irritation and dryness.

When you shampoo your hair 3-4 or five times a week with these shampoos, you’ll cause damage and dry out your scalp and also reduce the durability of the hair.

14 Top Tips For Men's of Afro Hair Care - Latest Guide for Natural Growth

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2. Go Sulphate-free

Sodium laurel Sulphate (SLS) could cause skin irritation, particularly for those suffering from eczema. It can cause extreme dryness on hair that is Afro-length as it depletes hair’s natural oils.

We recommend choosing shampoos without sulfate. These shampoos contain natural ingredients to cleanse your hair, without stripping it of its oil. They improve your hair’s condition and encourage growth but we’ll get to that in a moment!

(If you’re concerned about the ingredients you use in your shampoo and need assistance to understand them when selecting products read this article.)

3. Condition Your Hair

Keep your hair silky and ready to hydrate through conditioning your hair with silicone-free conditioning. Conditioners aid in detangling your hair, allowing you to prepare it to move on.

Our Swirl conditioner is devoid of silicone’s and it is high in slip. It contains coconut extract as well as aloe vera extract, along with avocado oil can help keep your hair healthy and looking better. Smoothly swirl your hair’s hair strands and let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then wash thoroughly.

4. Moisturize Your Hair Properly

Please make sure you moisturize your hair. It’s vital to keep your hair healthy, strong, and (of course) well-hydrated. Hair that is moisturized will appear shinier and feel more comfortable, as well as grow stronger.

Afro hair is more prone to breakage. So moisturizing your hair following washing will aid in locking in moisture and stop breakage. You can keep moisture in by layering your products with hair conditioners using the LOC method.

Apply an oil-based moisturizing cream that is water-based. After that make sure to seal in the moisture by applying an oil (water can evaporate from hair, therefore you will require an oil with a thick consistency to hold it in such as coconut or jojoba oils for hair). Last, add creams; moisturizing creams or leave-in conditioners can do great on your hair.

14 Top Tips For Men's of Afro Hair Care - Latest Guide for Natural Growth

You can create a simple routine by reviewing our complete guide to caring for your hair.

P.S. One great way to keep moisture in following a shower is braiding or twisting your hair before going to sleep. When you do this, your hair strands are bound closer and water will flow freely across the shaft of the hair. It is even better to put on a silk head bandanna, or silk scarf to ensure maximum protection.

5. Protect Your Hair From Harsh Conditions

As your skin is averse to harsh environments, so does the hair as well as your scalp. Harsh environmental conditions can gradually (but continuously) harm your hair. Rain? It suffocates moisture and makes the hair frizzy. Heat? can dry out your scalp, increasing the likelihood of breaking.

If you are aware that it is going to be incredibly hot, humid, or snowy and you’re looking for your hair to look and feel gorgeous ensure it’s protected by wearing a hat, headband, or a bandana.

14 Top Tips For Men's of Afro Hair Care - Latest Guide for Natural Growth

6. Consider Using Protective Styles

As you are doing, your hair deserves a break. If you’ve been sporting an elegant style for a while and have you haven’t allowed your hair to rest, and by rest, we are referring to using a protective style.

Protective styles (and low-manipulation looks) are perfect for hair care for Afros. they’re quick to look stunning and keep hair healthy and moisturized for between 6 and 8 weeks.

Cornrows, plaits, and twists– they all help will keep hands, knots, and tangles out of your hair because you don’t need to manage your hair as often.

If you’re interested in learning more about styling that is safe look no further than our blog here.

7. Use Natural Products

Of the many things you can do to maintain your hair making the switch to organic products (particularly shampoos that are sulphate-free) is among the most effective.

Natural shampoos are made up of ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba oil as well as aloe Vera. These are among the ingredients which are gentle on the scalp. They can improve the health of your hair and eliminate build-up, without stripping your hair of moisture.

Our Swish shampoo that’s sulfate-free includes, for instance, 97% of natural ingredients, is mild enough to use only every day and mixes aloe Vera and essential oils from fruit to soften and cleanse curly, dry hair.

It is then possible to make use of our silicone-free conditioner to make sure that the hair is properly prepared to hydrate without the buildup of large amounts of silicone. The silicone provide an initial boost in elasticity but can weigh down hair in the long run which can result in dull, difficult to manage hair. Natural oils contain high-quality ingredients like coconut oil and jojoba oils to seal in moisture, prevent breakage, and promote growth.

14 Top Tips For Men's of Afro Hair Care - Latest Guide for Natural Growth

8. Have A Balanced, Nutritious Diet

Food choices can impact how healthy your hair is. Foods that are unprocessed and rich in healthy fats and oils like olives, salmon, nuts vegetables, whole grains, and avocados, supply the vitamins and nutrients that your hair needs to be strong and healthy.

Remember that you are what you take in!

Take a look at these delicious foods that can help in hair growth. hair.

9. Don’t Forget Your Supplements

In addition to eating a balanced and balanced diet, we also suggest ensuring that you’re receiving enough vitamins and minerals. A vitamin shortage can make people more prone to hair loss, among other ailments. Vitamin C is essential for hair growth, rejuvenates tissues, and assists the body to absorb iron (which helps to transport oxygen to the hair’s follicles), Vitamin B is important for the general health of your hair and vitamin E boosts blood circulation on the scalp.

10. Get Regular Trims

We want to make it clear that cutting or ruffling your hair will not “make your hair grow” however it can help your hair look and feel better and will keep your hair looking neat.

11. Cover Your Hair At Night

What do you do before going to your bed? If you’re trying to ensure your curly hair is at its peak hair, it’s time to change up your evening routine. Cotton is extremely absorbent and takes away all the moisture you’ve been trying to lock in your hair. Make sure your hair is protected with simple routines for your night and swap your pillowcase of cotton for silk or satin or purchase drag.

12. Don’t Neglect Your Scalp

We insist on having a healthy routine for hair care since it’s essential to have an energized scalp, and the growth of your hair to be healthy. We often consider the scalp being an extension of us. This is the reason we suggest a regular as well as properly cleaning and moisturizing your scalp.

To protect your scalp, you can apply oily products to replace the loss of sebum during washing your hair.

Soothe was created to alleviate the itching that could be caused by hair build-up. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also help to reduce dryness and encourage the growth of healthy hair. Applying the oil on your scalp after washing it and several times throughout the week is likely to work wonders.

13. Avoid Heat

14 Top Tips For Black Men’s Guide for Natural Growth | Drying your hair is best done without blow drying it to limit damage from heat and avoid breakage. Did you know that you could still suffer heat damage caused by blow-dryers? Instead, you should use a microfiber towel to dry the hair or T-shirt. It’ll absorb any excess water fast.

14. Remember Your Facial Hair!

14 Top Tips For Black Men’s Guide for Natural Growth | Beards require some care Soothe is an easy and quick method to give shine and help to soften and seal moisture into beards, especially after showers. When you use Soothe expect combs to glide across beards!

That’s all there is to it. Those are our 14 haircut tips and tricks for males. Most importantly, it’s about developing an easy routine that can be can be easily repeated. These guidelines should provide you with an adequate foundation and give you an idea of what products to look for. The rest is your choice!

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