Summer hairstyles with rubber bands are great for being playful and beautiful while still being full of fun. Hair elastics, also known as “rubber bands,” are tiny, thin, strong-hold elastics that can be used to create beautiful hair patterns and sections. To dress up puffs and ponytails, these clips may be utilized as an accent.

Top 15 Rubber Band Hairstyles

1. Rubber Band Hairstyle for Short Natural Hair

Rubber bands are a fantastic way to style your short natural hair if you’ve recently had a haircut. They’re a fashion statement that also gives your hair a lively, eye-catching aspect. To make up for this time savings, you may style your hair using rubber bands, which are quick and easy to accomplish. Making a ‘headband’ out of a box pattern provides an eye-catching look. If you’re doing box braids, section off the front of your hair and leave the back free. In the end, it’s a lovely outcome that’s really feminine.

2. Rubber Band Hairstyle for Long Natural Hair

Rubber bands are a simple and inexpensive method to give your hair a pop of colour. If you’ve braided your long natural hair or had long braids put in, consider adding rubber bands for a ’90s-inspired look. Don’t simply put elastics at the ends of your braids; space them out throughout the length of the braids. To finish the appearance, add hair clips in coordinating bright hues. Because the rubber bands are readily removed, you have a number of style options for shaking up your braids for a day.

3. Rubber Band Hairstyle for Medium Natural Hair

A sleek rubber band hairstyle is ideal for medium-length natural hair since it is simple to maintain. The trick is to use a high-shine finish to highlight your natural curl while also using rubber bands in the front to create a finished and defined pattern. Make boxes – or even triangles – out of your hair, then braid or twist the sections using elastics. Add some bling to your hair with beads or rings, and then spray the remainder of your hair with an oil mist for glossy, bouncy curls. It’s the ideal outfit for formal events like homecoming, weddings, and proms.

 4. Criss Cross Rubber Band Hairstyle

The criss-cross is a well-known rubber band hairstyle. Hairstyles like a ponytail look great with the pattern, which adds interest and elegance. It’s also more fun than the traditional box design of rubber band haircuts, which has a more serious vibe. To get this style, divide your hair into triangles or diamonds on the front and crown, or the side. After that, use a hairband to keep each piece in place. Finally, moving from the front to the rear, create an overlapping criss-cross pattern by connecting the sectioned hair diagonally. Put your hair up in a bun, a ponytail, or a puff once you’ve worked your way back.

5. Easy Rubber Band Hairstyle

Rubber band hairstyles, which mimic the look of a hairband, are easy and low-maintenance. As well as being feminine and lovely, this rubber band hairstyle also frames your face and takes less time to do than others. As long as your hair is long enough, it looks great on a range of textures and curly hair patterns alike. Start at one end and work your way around to the other to get the hairband look. To begin, wrap a rubber band around a tiny piece of hair and twist it into the next area. You’ll be ready to show off your new haircut in no time.

6. Rubber Band Straight Ponytail Hairstyle

Hairstyles with rubber bands have a fun, carefree vibe to them. Consider wearing your ponytail in a rubber band design to contrast with your smooth and straight hairstyle. You’ll be able to have it all! Before braiding in extra-long extensions to make the ponytail, your stylist may create a creative rubber band pattern on the front and crown of your head, such as a classic box or criss-cross design. As an alternative, you may shorten the style time by adding a clip-in ponytail extension to your hair.

7. Rubber Band Natural Ponytail Hairstyle

When worn with a curly natural ponytail, the rubber band hairstyle is just as stylish as it is when worn straight. Metal beads or rings may be used to cover the rubber bands in this hairdo, giving it a nighttime event-ready appearance. Tribal braids, whether in the ponytail or as face-framing pieces, may provide a stylish touch to your look.

8. Hairstyle for Curly Hair

You may wear your huge, bouncy curls with rubber band hairstyles. The contrast between the flat rubber bands and the rest of your hair’s volume is sure to turn heads. Combining wavy hair with a crisscross rubber-band design is a charming festival-ready look. With a nod to the ’90s, this haircut is not only youthful and new, but it also frames the face, preventing your best features from being obscured by your hair.

9. Rubber Band Hairstyle with Straight Hair

A bubble ponytail with rubber bands is a popular rubber band style for people with naturally straight hair. If you wear a weave or your hair has been chemically relaxed, this is a possibility for you. You can wear a bubble ponytail for a midday festival or a glam night out since it’s so easy and adorable. Put your hair up in a high ponytail and space the bands evenly down the length of it. They should be the same color as your hair. To produce the ‘bubble’ appearance, gently pull each piece horizontally.

10. Updo Hairstyle

Rubber bands may dress up a basic updo in a stylish and glamorous way. Create patterns on the front, sides, and back of your head using the sectioning method, and then twist the remainder of your hair – or your extensions – into a bun for a stylish look. Contrast is important here—keep the bun simple so that the rubber band portions can offer contrast and intrigue in their own right. You’ll be able to wear a striking set of earrings because of the rubber bands.

11. Colorful Rubber Band Hairstyle

Because rubber band hairstyles typically have a fun and young vibe, why not go all out with your rubber bands and make them colorful? When worn with dark hair, pastels, neons, and other bright colors catch the eye and make you stand out. You should not overdo the rubber bands, but you should keep the rest of your look beautiful to avoid looking like a child on a playground or a throwback to the ’90s. Think matte lipstick, sun-kissed highlighter, and perfectly arched brows when doing your make-up for a night out.

12. Half Up Half Down Rubber Band Hairstyle

This hairstyle combines the elegance of a bun with the effortlessness of a loose updo, making it a popular choice. Rubber bands may provide a charming, one-of-a-kind touch to your traditional half-up, half-down hairstyle without taking up much more time. Additionally, wearing white or brightly colored bands will attract attention to your hands and take them away from your face. It’s a cute and flirty style that’s appropriate for a variety of occasions, including school, brunch, and a picnic.

13. Rubber Band and Bun Hairstyle

Adding a rubber-band design to your bun is an easy way to make it stand out and show off your distinct style. No matter where you decide to place the pattern, it will be an eye-catching and elegant contrast to the rest of the piece. For a formal occasion, use hair bands that match your hair color to keep your look smooth and elegant. Pink elastics, for example, are a great choice for date night since they’re both beautiful and feminine.

14. Rubber Band and Two Buns Hairstyle

One bun is better than none. Two! Utilize rubber bands on your puffs and buns to give them a unique look. This hairdo is perfect for a festival or a daytime celebration since it exudes cuteness and whimsy. It’s also easier to make the buns pop because of the rubber-band portions that keep hair flat. Instead of using black or white rubber bands, go for brightly colored ones to amp up the style’s festive feelings.

15. Rubber Band Pigtails Hairstyle

Rubber bands add a pop of color to your go-to pigtails. It’s one of the most adaptable outfits since you can wear it to the gym, to school, or on a weekend date. To make your pigtails seem longer, you must place the bands in diagonal portions so that your pigtails appear shorter. The result is a mild Dutch braid appearance, but without the braids that give your hair gloss and individuality. To perfect your appearance, keep the rest of your make-up fresh and faultless.


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