9 Cool Natural Hair & Beard styles For Black Men

Are you searching for the best natural hairstyles for guys? Whether your hair is curly, long, kinky, oily medium, or short, we’ve gathered the most stylish hairstyles for black males.

You can scroll down to see which hairstyles of black guys made it into our list!


Men's Twist | Hair twists black, Mens braids hairstyles, Twist braid  hairstyles

This twisty style isn’t only a fashionable hairstyle for black males. It’s also a great protection hairstyle.


Colourful ‘fro/Dreadlocks


9 Cool Natural Hairstyles For Men | Men's Styles for Textured Hair –  Afrocenchix

Are you looking to alter the look of your hair? Why not consider using color? We are awestruck by the idea of playing around with colors to add some brightness or bring new life to your haircut.


Editor’s suggestion: Keep your hair’s color well-hydrated and prevent breakage with Sheen the moisturizing hair spray. Its natural formula nourishes and revitalizes frizzy, curly, curly, and Afro hair but does not leave the hair with a build-up.


Classic Style Shortcut with Beard

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There are many natural hairstyles for black males that have to be stylish. Keep it classic and cool with this neat, shortcut hairstyle. We think it’s great when worn with a face hairstyle too!


Editor’s suggestion: Apply Soothe to slightly damp hair, then work to the facial hair. The lightweight oil is easily absorbed, specially blended to stimulate growth, soften hair roots, and prevent build-up, making it perfect for mustaches and beards.


Long Dreadlocks


Okay, so dreadlocks may not be something you’re able to play around with. However, we’re big lovers of locs here at Afrocenchix.


Editor’s Tips: Whether new to locs or just beginning your journey, this set was designed to make your locks thrive! The Afrocenchix Locs Care Kit includes a carefully selected selection of our award-winning line to clean and moisturize your locks to ensure they remain beautiful.


Short Dreadlocks with an Undercut


Like we mentioned earlier, Dreadlocks can be a fantastic hairstyle for black men. This shortcut with an undercut is a great example of the versatility of locs!


Buzzcut with Fade


Who said that buzzcuts were boring? This haircut proves that the buzzcut can be elegant, particularly when paired with a soft fade.




According to our research, cornrows are an awesome natural hairstyle for guys. But, as with twists, they’re also a hairstyle that protects not just making your hair appear stylish but also function.


Note: Like the other hairstyles with afros, cornrows can pose issues. If they are done too tight, they could result in hair breaking and the alopecia of traction (which results from the constant, tight tension of hair). Therefore, be mindful of the tension!


Curly and Proud

How to Get Curly Hair For Black (Male) Quickly - Cosmetize UK

We encourage you to rock your hair’s natural style and be proud. No matter if the hair you have is curly coily or even kinky. Why don’t you be proudly displaying your natural hair texture?

Make sure to keep your hair moisturized using the LOC/LCO technique.


South of France with Beard


This South of France haircut/style was popularized by the musician Usher and his hairstylist


Curtis Smith.


The mohawk is considered to be a gentleman’s mohawk’ because of its elegant and elegant appearance. It has a unique name since it was first developed within the South of France. We like the way it looks with beards. Do you agree?


6 Stylish Beard Styles Black Men Should Know


Styles for bears that are done correctly can be stunning. However, some styles stand out from others (and with the right reason). These styles are usually described as timeless, fashionable, and stylish; you might have heard of certain of them!


In this article, we’ll walk through what we believe as eight fantastic beard styles that you should consider next time you pull out your scissors or shaver to shape your beard.


Anchor Beard

15 Stunning Black Men Beard Styles 2021 (UPDATED)

The name of this beard comes because of its shape. When you look at it from a distance, it will appear like an anchor (or perhaps it’s a tree). This beard is very popular and is just a full beard with a long goatee and the portion that joins the mustache and the chin, which is shaved.

(Ensure that the missing sections are cut frequently to keep the look of your anchor!)




The goatee has been an extremely popular beard style for quite a while (how long it will take us to say) and is still one of the most suitable options for a beard with a shorter length. The great feature of a goatee is that it can be styled and shape in various ways to get certain looks.


Editor’s tip: Our sulfate-free shampoo, Swish, combines Aloe Vera and essential oils from fruit to soften and cleanse the dry, curly, or Afro facial hair. It’s pH-balanced, scientifically developed, has 97% natural ingredients, and is gentle enough to use frequently.


Short Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men: 22 Short + Full Looks For 2021

A little more than stubble, but not as much as a full-on beard. Shorter beards can be an attractive look if you let your beard move past the sloppy stage (where it appears unfinished and is a distraction to the appearance of the face).


Allow your beard to develop for a week or two (so it’s all aligned and symmetrical). If it’s longer than you’re able to handle, trim it using clippers and the number 2 guard.


Circle Beard


Elegant and simple A beard with a circle shape will be a great match for any facial shape. It is essential to round everything from the mustache down to the chin and then toward the ears.

Please do your best to achieve the most curvature you can when trimming the beard (a barber is in a position to achieve it) so that you can get the perfect appearance. The goatee should be the main feature of your beard.


Bushy Beard

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If it’s groomed and cut well, a large bushy beard can look amazing. It’s not difficult to get them (allow your beard to grow, apply beard oil, moisturize your skin, and then comb your beard regularly), But you have to be patient.


Another thing to remember is that not everyone can achieve a “perfect” bushy beard, which connects to all the points and covers the correct parts of your face.


Editor’s suggestion: Apply Soothe to a lightly damp beard and then work it through the hair. The lightweight oil that is easily absorbed has been specifically blended to encourage growth, soften hair’s roots, and prevent build-up, making it ideal for beards.


Carved Beard


The beard is carved much sharper than many of the styles for beards listed in this article, as it requires a precise cutting tool or razor. This is a great style for black men who have dense beard hair. However, it requires significant effort or perhaps every day — to keep it.



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