No matter how much we’d prefer to acknowledge it or not, the choices of beard styles for men can affect the type we’re trying to create. You may be sporting the latest trends, but when your beards are more 1980s-inspired than 2018, people will be paying attention. To help you keep up-to-date in your choices for grooming, We’ve listed 6 hairstyles that are popular right now and how you can control these styles.



The style is popularized by the beard professional Eric Bandholz; this facial hairstyle is characterized by a long moustache that is joined to an entire beard. The moustache needs to be kept neat to prevent hair from slipping over the upper lip, and the edges need to blend with your beard smoothly. Then, the remainder of the beard can be able to grow naturally. The Bandholz Beard has a refined look and a lumberjack-like appearance; looks stunning on oval and round faces demand a lot of patience as it will take a minimum of two months and up to a year to get the length you want. When you are growing it out, use beard oil to moisturize your hair and serve as a shampoo for your beard, such as Redken Brews Cleansing Bar, since nobody likes a dirty beard.



Fuller than a regular beard, this sophisticated-yet-rugged type of beard has a short upper part and a long, thick lower part that tapers at the end to look like a duck’s tail. For this look that is attractive on many facial shapes, except for those with a short and narrow, you should grow an entire beard that’s two to four inches in length and thick so that your beard looks sharp at the top. After that, carefully trim the cheek area and reduce the upper cheeks and neckline until the beard is more symmetrical. Applying a beard oil such as Redken Brews Beard Oil, or wax, can assist you in getting your desired beard shape that is tapered.


Also called the Hollywoodian, The Extended Goatee is a hybrid of the goatee and the moustache, the main focus being the hair growth that is visible on the cheeks. In addition, however, there is facial hair along the jawline that extends out through the goatee. There aren’t any sideburns to prevent it from going into the realm of a full-on beard. This style of facial hair that can be grown within a few weeks is ideal for people with square or oblong facial shapes. After your goatee has been initially cut, maintaining the facial hairstyle is quite simple. First, shave areas already cut, preferring to use moisturizer shaving cream such as Redken Brews Shave Cream, and then moisturize your beard hair and skin beneath it using beard oil.



The whole beard look is similar to the Bandholz, but it is shorter. Garibaldi can be faster, has a wider broad, circular base, and requires a shorter development time. The Garibaldi is named in honour of the Italian General, who brought unity to Italy throughout the 1800s. The kind of beard, which appears ideal on people with oval or rectangular faces is best shaped when the beard begins to taper at the lower jawline. A moustache that needs to be kept neatly groomed may also get longer but must not exceed the length of the beard. It is also recommended to use oil for your beard to make your style look the best.


The classic facial hairstyle, reminiscent of Abe Lincoln–is a long full beard attached to the sideburns. It flares out with flat bottom and no moustache. It’s an excellent choice for those who wish to hide their narrow chins and opt for a look that resembles a lumberjack. However, if you want a style that flatters different facial shapes, the Old Dutch has a square base, covered cheeks, and shaving the face. The maintenance for both kinds includes growing facial hair to cover your entire face while nourishing the hair and skin by using beard oil in the process and then using an axe and a razor to ensure that the bottoms are perfectly flat and applying beard oil to form the ends.


The beard is an upside-down T-shaped shape. It is made up of a moustache and facial hair that is adorned with an ear patch. Even though it’s a smaller beard style, it’s still necessary to develop a full beard to have facial hair to begin. When it’s time to shape the look, use a trimmer to remove your facial hair, and to achieve the classic Balbo appearance, leave approximately 1/4 inch between your goatee and moustache. The remainder of the beard should be shaved short and even.

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