Carrot Seed Essential Oil For Hair

Once the hair fall starts it cannot stop until you take solid measures to stop it. Sometimes, you are very serious to treat your hair fall but you do not know what to do. You follow the advice of different people; eventually, the condition of your hair gets very pitiable. Actually, the treatment of hair fall with chemicals happens to be very dangerous. You know the carrot seed essential oil benefits your hair a lot. Once you start the treatment of your falling hair you will observe exceptional results. The other people will also strongly believe in the carrot seed essential oil uses.

Best Essential Oils for Damaged Hair

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Is it beneficial?

Yes! In fact, carrot oil contains vitamins to treat the hair fall effectively. For centuries, the women in Asian countries have been applying the oil to the hair to keep their hair look shinier, smooth and attractive. Not only the hair’s shine is restored but also roots of the hair are strengthened. You see no hair fall if you continue to avail carrot seed essential oil benefits by applying the oil twice a week. The oil plays the role of a shield against UV rays and pollution. You and your companions go under the influence of the fragrance of the oil when you apply it on your hair.

Are there some side effects of the carrot seed essential oil?

It is worth mentioning here that excess of everything is bad. If you apply the oil unnecessarily or you apply the oil on your hair more than the requirement of your hair; you will certainly see some of the side effects. Nevertheless, some of the side effects have been mentioned by the experts; for example, it has an allergic reaction in some people. The best solution to this problem is this; you should conduct a skin patch test before applying it to your hair. It is also said that the oil’s color turns your scalp skin into brownish if you excessively use it. A small amount of myristicin found in the oil has a psychoactive effect. It may occur if the oil is applied in a large measure on a daily basis.

How to use it?

Carrot seed essential oil benefits are more than its side effects. The oil can be used mixing with other oils like coconut oil etc. In order to apply the oil to the hair, the hair is required to be dirt free. Having dried your hair (if it is already wet after washing), you straighten your hair by combing. The process of combing should not be hard as you injure your scalp and the oil you apply afterward can irritate you as a result. Before applying the first time, you are required to conduct a skin patch test. Having cleared the skin patch test, you can apply a sufficient amount of oil to your hair. Rinse off the oil after two to three hours. Apply the oil twice a week for better results.


Carrot Seed Essential Oil really treats the hair fall; do not use it excessively.

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