Shag Hairstyles

From Mick Jagger to Jennifer Aniston’s “The Rachel Hairstyle”, shag is ruling the Hollywood for years. It is popular because it is able to provide a messy, rock-n-roll, casual, and effortless look in no time. The main features of Shag Hairstyles include lots of texture, choppy ends, and heavy layers around the head. A girl can opt it for any length such as all over layers make a long shag every one’s favorite. One can get the hot disheveled style with mid-length shag, while short shaggy do’s are extremely adorable and sassy. On the other hand, curly shag works well to settle the unwanted frizz whereas, they are voluminous for thin hair. Moreover, one can style the traditional bob with an absolutely gorgeous quirk by applying a shaggy touch. Hence, it’s the time to surprise your loved ones by getting a sassy makeover from these shaggy hairdos.

The 60’s Shaggy Hairdo

29 Glamorous Medium Shag Haircut to Try Right Now

A Medium Shag Haircut is an amazing way of wearing the tresses in the most stylish and classy manner. Shaggy cut consists of various layer lengths and was first introduced by Paul McGregor. Here is the list of 29 Medium Shag Hairstyles for Ones Who Love to Look Stylish. So, have a quick look at the latest Medium Shag Hairstyles presented

Side Sweeps

25 Elegant Short Shag Haircuts to Enhance Your Looks

Jumping into the bandwagon of Short Shag Haircut, numerous trendy looks are available to rock the day! Gone are the days when curlers could only be used for long hair. 25 Most Beautiful Short Shag Hairstyles to Try Instantly. The following short shag hairstyles are sure to promise the eye-catching look for one’s personality.