Gorgeous Going Out (Or Staying In) Hair

Beautiful holiday hairstyles are in order—the holidays are approaching, and we’ve got events to prepare for. We’ve got you covered with the most fantastic holiday hairstyles out there, whether you’ll be attending on Zoom in your comfy sweatpants, going all out with Rent the Runway and all your jewelry, or a combination of the two. Get your party hairstyles and updos on with our easy, step-by-step hair instructions for our favorite holiday party hairstyles, updos, and on-trend holiday hair trends, from braids to buns. Hairstyles for going out (or staying in) have never looked so lovely.

The holidays are ideal for adding a little glitz to your updo and trying something different. Luckily for you, we’ve listed a few simple ways to put your hair and hairstyles front and center for the holidays—even a Netflix-and-chill Christmas movie party needs a little (easy) updo action. Hairstyles that are both cute and simple? Yes, it is possible!

We adore going out hairstyles for the holidays, whether you’re wearing your hair in a low ponytail or a high pony, a piece bun or a neat ballerina bun, going for a roaring twenties-Esque Hollywood wave, trying a side-swept look with a severe part, rocking your natural hair, wearing your hair curly, braided, using clip-in extensions, keeping it simple or going intricate, whether you have long or short hair. With the hairstyle instructions we’ve provided below, we’ve kept it basic, so you won’t have to spend too much time trying out these holiday hair trends for an evening (or on the couch). You’ve got yourself a party if you add a drink of bubbly and your favorite Christmas soundtrack.

Gorgeous Going Out (Or Staying In) Hair

How to make your holiday party updo

It’s not necessary to go overboard with updos. Although it’s lovely to spend time being pampered in a salon chair, you can easily create a stunning look in front of your bathroom mirror on your own. We narrowed the eye into a few simple steps for this festive haircut concept. Rest assured, our model created this updo with her hair, so you can, too. Only a few elastics and bobby pins are required…PERFECT, SIMPLE, ELEGANT, DONE. Every year, one of our favorite holiday haircuts!

To begin, massage a tiny amount of Tame into wet or dry hair to reduce frizz. (A single pump should be enough.)

Then, split your hair into three portions around the nape of the neck.

Proceed with each one as if you’re trying to construct a ponytail, but don’t pull the rubber band all the way through on the last turn, leaving three loops.

Push the loops in with your fingers (and a disregard for perfection), smushing the hair softly against the base, and pin all the loose ends into place to create three sloppy buns.

Pull little chunks of hair out randomly to soften the impression and make this hairdo more organic and easy-breezy.

A little glam

This is a standout among the gorgeous hairstyles as an exquisite, essential holiday staple. (There’s no shame in our game of simple hairstyles!) Hair accessories and pins may be used in various ways to add glitter to your outfit. Instead of spending money on something you might not wear very frequently, consider a few simple rose gold or metallic bobby pins—they’re easy to find, cheap, and always look current and sleek.

After finishing her soft updo, we added rose gold bobby pins in arrows and criss-cross designs. They offer a bit more shine while keeping stray pieces out of your face while flowing softly forward to give this haircut more visual flair.

Gorgeous Going Out (Or Staying In) Hair

Go dark (for a few months)

Many of us wish for a deeper winter appearance, but winter only lasts a few months, while permanent color lasts forever. Semi-permanent choices like our Color Reviving Glosses make it simpler to dabble with darker hair color (and it’s only a mild hair change). The color will have shampooed out by the time you’ve had your fun, it’s not a lot of work, and you can go back to lightening up for spring if that’s your thing. Extra tip: When switching to deeper colors, you don’t have to abandon depth entirely. Use a mix of Color Reviving Gloss hues like Amaretto, Cannella, or Miele and Prosecco if you have existing highlights or an ombré effect. Blend the darker glosses into your hair’s darker areas, while the lighter veneers are applied to the mid-lengths and ends. Glosses mix readily and are forgiving, so you don’t have to be too picky about where one ends and the other begins.

We used Color Reviving Gloss in Barolo on top, combined with gorgeous Cannella for a brilliant copper cast for a rich, deep red.

Take a different tone.

It’s not always as difficult as you imagine. Adjust your tone if you want a new color for the new season but don’t want to make a significant change. Staying “on the level” is colorist jargon, meaning maintaining the same amount of darkness as before. Within each color level, however, there are multiple tone options. Try Radiant Hair Color in Firenze Brown for a warm-up with additional mahogany, or Radiant Hair Color in Siena Brown for a more relaxed, ash tone, if you’ve been using level 6 Radiant Hair Color in Tuscany Brown for months. A new plum lipstick or smokier makeup in your stocking may be inspired by the domino effect of changing your hair color’s tone. It’s entertaining to see yourself in a different light…er, style.


Braided Space Buns

Braided updos are all the rage right now, and we can’t get enough of this on-trend braided hairdo. We adore how this holiday hairdo looks with micro braids, but any size or style of the braid would look great here! Make braided pigtails by dividing your braids into two vertical parts. Use a non-damaging elastic band to secure each pigtail.

After that, twist your braids into ropes and wrap them around the pigtails’ base, fastening each bun with pins or another elastic band.

If you want to do half-up space buns instead—another popular hairstyle—pull half of your braids from each half of your hair into a bun while letting the remainder free. We couldn’t be happier with this out-of-this-world Christmas party haircut.

Gorgeous Going Out (Or Staying In) Hair

High ponytail

This sleek and stylish design never goes out of style. A lovely, simple holiday hairdo that keeps your hair out of your face so you may eat and drink comfortably? Yes, we’re all about the party look. Here’s how to be ready for your high pony holiday…

Apply a quarter-sized dollop of Sleek Attack to damp hair before blow-drying to smooth and condition.

To line your cheekbones, pull your hair back on a diagonal. Make sure your strands are silky smooth with a bristle brush.

For a swingy high ponytail, secure your hair with an elastic. Use a velvet scrunchie for added seasonal flare.

All about you

Finally, no matter what hairstyle is popular or what pros (including us) recommend, you must remember that the holiday hairstyles and hair colors that look best on you are the ones that make you feel most like yourself (and smile the brightest).

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