In 2021, the most popular hairstyles for heart-shaped faces will be revealed.

Heart-shaped face hairstyles are designed to emphasise the features of a heart-shaped face, such as the prominent cheekbones, broad forehead and pointed chin. This type of face shape is best suited to bangs as the bangs help to balance out and cover that extra forehead area. The most flattering hairstyles for a heart-shaped face include short, choppy bangs and long, piecey bangs.

Actresses Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Love Hewitt all have heart-shaped faces. For heart-shaped faces, the goal is to lengthen the face, add fullness to the chin area, and avoid creating any more width on the forehead by adding bangs to the face.

View these images of the most flattering hairstyles for heart-shaped faces to inspire your next hair appointment.


Cute Curly Girl



When Anna stepped out in these enviable shiny curls, the words “bounce” and “body” were all the rage.

To get the look: Using a shine-enhancing product like Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil, curl one-inch sections of hair away from your face on the second day of hair. To achieve a more worn-in look, allow curls to cool completely before finger combing them apart. Alterna Bamboo Style Ultra Hold Hair Spray is all you need to finish your look.


The Wispy Girl


In our opinion, hair that’s been intentionally tangled or left looking messy adds an air of sexiness to any outfit. And we believe Anna nailed the look with this sassy updo she wore to a Twilight screening.

To get the look: Spritz second day hair with Kerastase Spray à Porter to create sexy beach waves. Then, gather hair like you’re about to form a bun, but tease the section right behind your part to give hair a bit of height. Pull out a few pieces of hair in the front to frame your face before securing into a bun.


The Ponytail Is Fun!


If you’re a fan of ponytails, we’d love to hear from you. It’s time for some side-swept hairstyles! Clearly, the actress had a lot of confidence in her curly hairstyle.

To get the look: Using the ghd Curve Soft Curl Iron, curl second-day hair from the mid-shaft to the ends. Wait for each section to cool before applying the final coat of hairspray. Lightly curl two sections of hair that frame the face while the hair is still setting. Gently comb the curls apart with your fingers before combing the hair to one side. You’re done! Just secure your hair in a low ponytail.


Star of the Night


When Anna initially wore her glistening updo, we were in awe, and now that we’ve seen it again, we can’t help but smile.

To get the look: Use second-day hair for this ‘do so that your updo has a lot more grip. The following step may be completed immediately if your hair is generally straight, but if not, run a flat iron through your hair for a few seconds to smooth things up. Spray Herbal Essences Wild Naturals Illuminating Dry Oil Spray liberally through your hair to create a deep side part. Hair should be gathered into a tight bun, and any loose strands should be trimmed.


A quarter and a quarter of the way


An updo with a flirtatious half-updo and wavy hair offered Anna the best of all worlds.

To get the look: Make loose waves all over your head by curling your hair in one-inch chunks. Using an elastic or clip, secure your hair in a half-updo, ensuring that part of the hair at the front frames your face.


Staggered threads


Anna’s seductive, straight hair is just what we’re looking for when it comes to visiting Fashion Week.

To get the look: Clean and condition hair with Clear Hair Care Intense Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner, then blow dry it with a round brush. Then, use Remington’s T Studio PROtect Straightener to smooth out strands after prepping hair with a heat protectant.


Chick-Fil-A Sweetheart


A glamorous evening gown, radiant make-up, as well as bombshell curls brushed to one side, made Anna seem stunning.

To get the look: Apply a shine-enhancing product to hair on its second day. Apply BioSilk Silk Therapy Finishing Spray Firm to 2′′ sections of hair from the mid-shaft down, spritzing each curl. Allowing them to cool down. Assemble and secure one section of your hair in the back, then spray your complete head.


Babe in a Braid

In 2021, the most popular hairstyles for heart-shaped faces will be revealed.

Seeing Anna’s braided ‘do has us eagerly anticipating summer’s arrival!

To get the look: Choose the side you want your braid to go on and begin braiding in a backwards motion, starting from the opposite end of the braid. With an elastic and a bobby pin, fasten the braid on the side of your head. Before tying the braid, construct a low bun out of the remainder of your hair.


Inappropriate hairstyles for a party


We believe Anna’s haircut for the Tony Awards was absolutely stunning, and her radiant skin and smoky eyes complemented it perfectly.

To get the look: Begin by washing your hair with a shine-enhancing shampoo and then blow-drying it. Using Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray Finishing Spray, spray each piece of hair and let it to cool. Make sure the bangs are straight at all times. Create an elegant chignon and fix it with a last jet of hairspray.

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