how many words in game of thrones

How Many Words in Game of Thorns?

If you are anything like me when it comes to playing the game of HBO’s Game of Thrones, then you were probably confused when Daenerys and her dragons suddenly appeared on the screen, wielding flaming ice and looking rather dangerous. You may even have thought to yourself, “So which season is this?” In this article I will be looking at the number of episodes that HBO has chosen to produce for each season, and whether these will make up a full season of the show.

HBO’s first season of Game of Thrones was a highly successful start for them, particularly in America, but they haven’t been quite as consistent with their show since. Each season had a whole year to work with, rather than a shorter campaign of around seven or eight episodes. For example, there was no season three, four or five. This gave each book series a longer time to build up and allowed for lots of character development, as well as subplots and smaller story elements. The result was that many of the major characters in the books got lost in the shuffle, while new faces appeared throughout the course of each season.

The books and the television show follow a similar format. George R.R. Martin releases a new book every summer, called A Feast of Crows, which tells the story of the rise of House Greyjoy, from the Iron Throne. His story continues in the subsequent books, as it is also told through the television show. Martin’s novels then become the main source of inspiration and material for the television show, whilst the television shows are created to feed off these books. So how many words in Game of Thrones do we need to see?

Luckily, there isn’t a set number. HBO itself has never given a definitive number for the number of books that they intend to make into a television show, so if fans want to know how many words in Game of Thrones they need to watch, they’ll just have to wait and see. They have not, however, ruled out the possibility of creating a spinoff or sequel to the hugely popular series, and so it appears as though they will most definitely continue to produce new books, and possibly even a TV series to supplement the current series.

There are, however, a few problems with how many words in Game of Thorns that you need to see. Firstly, many of the major characters from the books have already been introduced – Daenerys, Cersei, Jon, Tyrion, etc. – so there’s no risk of introducing yet more unknowns. This is particularly true for the story surrounding Cersei’s wedding to Tarth, as no-one yet knows what role Cersei will play, whether she will be the true Cersei or just a regular Cersei trying to pretend to be a Targaryen.

Another issue is the length of how long the books can be adapted for a television show, or films. HBO’s flagship programme has been adapted to the screen as seven seasons, which makes them very long indeed. The average American television viewer is probably only half as long as Cersei herself, so adapting the books to feature on an hour-long television show would necessitate many hours of screen time being wasted. Of course, if a show does not feature the characters of the books at all, the amount of space allotted for a television show will be considerably smaller. But adaptation is never a simple matter, and when it comes to how many words in Game of Thorns, it looks like there may be little space for further installments.

The biggest question that arises is how long fans of the books will still have to wait for the next episode of the Game of Thorns. The books were written in a much shorter time than the television show, but fans of the books certainly would not begrudge the show airing for a while longer. After all, the television show was a massive success when it first went on the air, and it remains a hit today. Adaptation is not impossible, but the question is whether it is possible to adapt the books into a successful television show, or a successful film.

The answer would probably be no. Adaptation is notoriously difficult for most media, simply because the audience is not the same as the medium. For example, movies and television shows are designed to be enjoyed by multiple generations, but Game of Thorns is a work of adult fiction. While that may mean that the long-term fan of the books will grow weary of watching the show, it is unlikely that the younger generations will grow tired of enjoying the books. In a world where everything is shifting, it is unlikely that something like Game of Thorns will ever suffer from a lack of adaptation.

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