How To Cut Your Own Hair For Men 2021 Guide


If you’re looking to learn how to cut your hair in the style of males, follow my tutorial to get a brief overview of cutting your hair. Clippers can be used to create fades, lines, and many other hairstyles that are trendy!

Are you not sure if somebody has been in a social dissonance? Look at their hairstyle! If your locks are cut perfectly and neat, it’s likely they’ve had an experienced barber.

Is this exist? Do you possess the skills to make an attractive hairstyle such as lines, fades, and more without going to your favorite barbershop?

Yes, you are able to! All you must learn is how to cut your hair into a style that is suitable for men.

If you think that cutting your hair as an adult is more straightforward compared to women’s hair that is long, then you’re not in the right place.

Hair must be cut properly, so make sure to make use of the right clippers to achieve the best fade. and so on.

Don’t be scared at this stage. This tutorial is simple to cut your hair yourself for guys. This will make your life much easier.

All you require is the scissors and well-oiled clippers to use for hair, the comb, and plenty and lots of patience! Learn more about the technology here.

How To Cut Your Own Hair For Men 2021 Guide

how to cut your hair For Guys

Preparing Your Hair

Before you cut your own hair, make sure that you’ve prepared it properly.

Shampoo for conditioning and to style your hair to make it easier to manage.

Wipe your hair dry with an absorbent towel to get rid of the moisture.

If you’re planning to trim your hair with scissors, it’s best to keep the hair moist so that it can provide a more neat cut.

I suggest using a blow-dryer to drying your hair well in the event that you’re using clippers for clipping your hair.

Create Buzzcuts Using Clippers

The simplest haircut you can cut yourself at peace at your own home could be a hairstyle known as the buzzcut.

It’s easy to implement and does not require expensive tools or equipment like for instance It’s also very low-maintenance.

Cut your head using a bigger guard number

One of the first things you should do is buy an excellent pair of trimmers like Wahl hair clippers. They offer a range of lengths of hair for combs

Guard numbers that are taller cut your hair only 1 inch or so. Therefore, you can use those numbers on the entire head.

This allows you to cut your hair, while still leaving a length to enjoy yourself.

Take off the top of your head.

Then, select a lower number to protect yourself (this will depend on how long your hair would prefer) and then place it next the top of your head.

Make sure you shift the clippers in a different direction to where hair grows.

The portion you cover at the top, leaving the parietal line (the broadest part of the line between the forehead and the start of the line) to be left as is.

Make use of a lighter coverage on the sideburns, back, and sideburns.

Before you begin to work on your hair, you must determine how long of hair you’d like. It is always recommended to have two or three guards around your sides and at the rear of the head in order to give an outline if you’re using five guards across the entirety of your head.

If you are cutting off your parietal line as well as a crown with 1 or 2 guards to create a military appearance, you could use half of your sideburns (basically the lower guard is one).

Imagine an imaginary line connecting the ends of your earlobes and then follow the line to cut in your hair behind. This will make the basic haircut of fading hair.

Cutting with Scissors

You’re probably not a fan of the buzzcut fashion and need to cut down the length of your hair, then you could use scissors.

Cutting with scissors can provide an extra dimension and volume to the locks. This also permits greater accuracy in your cuts.

Beware don’t use scissors you got from the kitchen cut your hair because they’re not sharp enough.

Achieving An Undercut

I believe it’s best to experiment with different hairstyles in your home. Undercuts are the perfect hairstyle, and they’re not difficult to create at home, too.

In the beginning, it’s essential to decide the length you’d like to be able to have in the uppermost position. Therefore, I suggest going over with an extra-large clipper.

Make use of the clipper by placing the guard comb on one side of the scalp. After you’ve identified the correct size of your hair, begin cutting your hair with a small guard.

Start with the widest part of the forehead (the parietal line) and move down from the top.

Make sure to cut your hair to the sides and the back of your head in a consistent style.

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