Is Creatine Responsible for Causing Hair Loss?

Is Creatine Responsible for Causing Hair Loss?

You may have heard that Creatine, a popular athletic and dietary supplement, can cause hair loss. Is this correct? While not directly responsible for hair loss, Creatine can influence DHT hormone levels, resulting in hair loss. Let’s look at how Creatine works in the body before getting too far into it.

Creatine Function

Is Creatine Responsible for Causing Hair Loss?

Creatine is a vital energy source for your cells and is created naturally by your kidneys, pancreas, and liver. Creatine is found in fish and red meat, which you may get through your diet.

In your skeletal muscles, Creatine is usually stored as phosphocreatine. Physical activity that requires muscular contractions is broken down and utilized as energy. Creatine is also available in powders, pills, and liquids as a supplement. Some people use creatine supplements to help them improve their athletic performance and muscular mass.

Creatine Side Effects

Before you start using creatine pills regularly, you should be aware of the potential adverse effects, some of which are described here.

Water Retention: Creatine use can produce water retention in the body, contributing to weight gain in the short term. Cramping and dehydration can be exacerbated by water retention. However, there isn’t enough evidence to back up all these fears.

Kidney Issues: If your creatine levels remain high, your kidneys are more vulnerable to harm. If you have underlying renal problems, it’s best to avoid creatine supplements. On the other hand, Creatine has no detrimental consequences in healthy people, according to a study.

Creatine is safe to use in adults when taken in the recommended quantities and has been shown to have superior ergogenic advantages over other supplements. Creatine is also safe, ethical, and effective when used according to the correct recommendations.

Adolescents: If you are a teenager, you should see your doctor before taking a creatine supplement. This is because the safety of creatine supplementation in teenagers has yet to be thoroughly investigated, and most adolescents consume some creatine as part of their regular diet.

Is Creatine Responsible for Causing Hair Loss?

Research on Creatine and Hair Loss

There is little evidence to suggest that consuming creatine supplements causes hair loss. The majority of research about Creatine and hair loss, on the other hand, is anecdotal, meaning it is based on people’s own experiences.

Creatine and DHT Levels

After three weeks of creatine supplementation, research of college-aged rugby players discovered increased dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone levels, which have been associated with hair loss. The DHT hormone is formed from testosterone, the primary sex hormone in the male reproductive system, which plays an essential role in creating body hair and muscular building.

How is Creatine Connected to Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be caused indirectly by high creatine levels. In simple terms, creatine supplements can raise DHT hormone levels, affecting the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. Hair loss occurs as a result of this.

Hair follicles usually go through three stages of development: growth, resting, and hair loss. When DHT levels are high, the rate of DHT hormone binding to hair follicles rises, which shortens the hair growth phase. This causes hair strands to become weaker and thinner, resulting in temporary hair loss.

The researchers in the study cited above only noticed an increase in DHT levels and did not look at hair loss. However, because DHT plays such a big part in hair loss, a rise in DHT levels might put you in danger of losing your hair. More study is needed to determine the specific impact of Creatine in hair loss.

Is Creatine Responsible for Causing Hair Loss?

When to Get Medical Help

Supplementing with Creatine does not promote hair loss. However, if you start losing hair while using creatine supplements, see your doctor right once. Also, if you have sudden, uneven hair loss or observe vast clumps of hair falling out while washing or combing your hair, consult your doctor.

According to the most recent studies, creatine supplements are safe for most individuals. However, if it causes an increase in DHT levels in your body, it’s best to avoid using creatine supplements or see a doctor before beginning, especially if you’re prone to hair loss.

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