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Getting Police Jobs in Karachi

There are a lot of Police jobs in Pakistan and in Karachi. The capital of Pakistan, Karachi is the largest city of the country. It is the political, business and cultural centre of Pakistan. It has been one of the most prosperous cities for over a century.

Due to various reasons the government of Pakistan decided to increase the police force. There were too many ethnic tensions in the country at that time and people were also afraid of being attacked or killed by the radicals. There were many incidents of murder and clashes between different groups. Political organizations as well as religious parties were blamed for these tensions. This increased the tensions and people started moving towards Karachi to find a job.

There was a recruitment drive going on in Karachi. Initially only the males were inducted but gradually females too started joining the ranks. A lot of people joined the police department after taking up police jobs in Karachi. In fact there are hundreds of female police officials who have worked in the departments of Karachi. They have proved their talent and capability.

These days the ratio of crime is increasing in Karachi. There are high rates of robberies, kidnapping and rape. The criminals are getting more bold and fearless. Even the Bacha Masjid and the Chhipu Masjid are attacked on regular occasions. And people are scared of being attacked or killed by the criminals.

This is the reason that there has been a rise in the requirement for jobs in the police force. It has also led to the hiring of more efficient and qualified police officials. But this has not increased the cost of living in the city. Rent in the city has gone up because of the increase in population. But this problem is still under control.

The recruitment process of the police officers is getting easier because there are more qualified candidates applying for the posts. The candidates applying for these posts are from the lower ranks of the cadre and those who have impressed the higher officials. The candidates can expect to get promotions in two to four years.

The basic qualifications of the candidate are those of course with a qualification of 21 years of age. They must be fit enough to work on duty on the police van. They should be physically strong enough to handle the heavy responsibility on them. They should be trustworthy and must be able to take decisions in a well managed way. They must be very friendly and give no reason for the colleagues to quarrel with them.

Those people who have been serving the police for more than five years to get the special privileges like the pension and free housing. But the good thing is that these people do not need to take up these jobs again. After their service is over, they can continue to live a peaceful life without taking up another job. So, it is a perfect opportunity for people who want to serve the police department in Karachi.

This is an opportunity which will open many doors for you. You can be an investigator or can be a patrol officer. You can be an auto attendant or a traffic cop. There are different types of police jobs in Karachi and you can select according to your interest and capabilities. But it is very important to know that you need to undergo a rigorous training period so that you are fit enough to face the challenges of the job.

The basic requirement for this post is an eye for detail and accuracy. A certification from the Crime Scene Analysis is mandatory and you have to undergo a training program to enhance your skills. The training program includes lectures about law, terrorism, crime scene clean up, handling criminal cases, crime records, police procedure and law.

As a trainee, you will learn about the working methodology of the police officials and how to deal with the criminals. You will also get to know about the different tools that are being used by the police for investigation. You will have to apply your mind, patience and tact to survive in this profession. If you score well during the interview process, then the next level of your recruitment will be a bit easier.

If you want to climb the ranks fast, then it would be better if you participate actively in community service. By participating in the community service, you will be able to improve your social circle. Also, you can apply for a scholarship for police officers. All these things can help you have a successful career in the police force.

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