New and Modern Hairstyles for Men in 2021

We are now looking at the 2021 best hairstyles for men. Many of the trendy haircuts for men in the past will be available in the new year. This means that fades and undercuts will continue to be popular.

Expect more “short sides, long tips” hairstyles that combine a low- or high-fade with texturized tops. A great example of this would be the uncut undercut, modern pompadour and cropped hair. All these styles are listed below. In addition, be on the lookout for longer styles that are loosely textured.

Here are the hottest and most loved hairstyles for men, as seen in the fashion industry.

New and Modern Hairstyles for Men in 2021

Long Fringe and Low Fade

This year, longer styles are a hot trend. Add a thick, textured fringe to the top and a low fade on the sides for a trendy look. This incredible haircut is great for young men, as it has just enough length to allow your hair to become wavy.

Fohawk and Design High Fade

There are many hairstyles, but this is the best. The beauty of the Fade is its versatility and low maintenance. A fade can be worn with any modern cut, whether low, medium, or high-cut.

Long, messy hair with low Fade

The fresh, low-maintenance lineup and a new low-bald look balance out the messy, textured top. You can achieve a natural, layered look for guys by adding a little pomade to your hair.

With medium length hair on the top, short sides

The low skin fade is complemented by a side-swept fringe and a short hair texture in the back. This look is perfect for girls who want to be swooned by a cool beard.

Long, slicked-back hair with short sides

Although the slick back is a classic style, it’s best to wear loose and textured.

Low Fade with thick long hair quiff

It’s no surprise that the quiff is in fashion. This trendy hairstyle is excellent for all hair types, straight or curly. It looks natural and elegant when it’s done up.

High Thick, Spiky Hair at the Top

Spiky hair is a classic style that guys can rock any day. This look can be styled in many different ways, thanks to its traditional tapered sides.

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