The 10 Most Luxury Hotels in London 2021

The 10 Most Luxury Hotels in London 2021

London is the second most tourist-visited city in the world (behind Bangkok). It’s no surprise that the travellers from all over the globe are flocking to London in record numbers, given the city’s extraordinary museums, fascinating theatre scene, numerous top sporting venues, and streets soaked in history. The British capital has accommodation to suit every budget, but if you want to do London properly, you are really going to have a splurge. However, London is home to many luxury hotels, that it can be very hard to choose the right one. To help you make the right decision, I have compiled the list of most top 10 luxury and famous hotels in London.

The English capital London isn’t just home to the UK government and the Royal family. It is also a second home for many of the world’s wealthiest peoples, attracted by London’s status as a center of finance and trade. But if you haven’t got a palace, a mansion, or a million-pound flat, you are left to choose dozens of London luxury hotels. London is home to a variety of top-notch luxury hotels that it can get hard to choose the right one.

London is also famous for some top tourist spots globally, like big ben, London eye observatory wheel and many more, so here are the ten most luxury hotels in London.

The Berkeley

Just a moment away from the shopping of Knightsbridge, the Berkeley is one of the city’s most sophisticated retreats. Every room is a combination of comfort, the latest innovation, and style designs, which surely meets the needs of travellers seeking modern taste in living.

This hotel’s unique aspect and specialty are that each room is designed separately, and no two rooms or suites are alike. So each person in this hotel is experiencing a different style of design. Berkeley is designed by some of the world’s most renowned interior designers like john heeh and Helen green studio. The other luxurious treats of the hotel are on the seventh floor, where the heavenly pool, secret garden and luxury Bamford Spa provide a calm retreat with views over the London skyline.

Belmond Hotel

Belmond hotel is a historic property dating from 1887, but it was opened in 2019 with a full renovation. This hotel has 54 rooms, which reflects the hotels each thing. Belmond hotels British cuisine is so famous, which is beautifully presented in the restaurant. This hotel’s other specialty is their private green garden, which gives a special space and calms to the visitors, away from the buzz and the light of the city.


This luxurious hotel is situated on the level 34 to 52, of the tallest skyscraper of the European Union, the shard in south London, which offers spectacular views on the city below. You can enjoy the city’s mesmerizing scene in the bedroom, lounge, living room, and even from the bathroom. There are 202 rooms entire property is mostly decorated with modern and classic art pieces of Asian and British art pieces.  At least the hotel’s culinary team mesmerizes you with their European cuisine, indulged with an Asian twist giving a unique taste to your taste buds.


The Savoy hotel is situated in central London, which itself it is an expensive area of the London, which is situated on the north bank of river Thames. This hotel has 268 rooms, and these rooms are specially designed, many of rooms gives a stunning view of river Thames which is a unique experience of visitors spa treatment special services and 24 hours gym, and a private pool, which is a lovely offer, which is available for residence. It is also known as the destination hotel for foodies because it has seven stylish restaurants which offer different foods all the taste.


This hotel is most celebrated as an iconic five-star hotel, and it is situated on a central location co-relative iconic Hyde Park. And many of London’s famous attractions are within walking distance, hotel 167 rooms and 26 levels three furnished suites with individuals features, with a guest service manager of every floor, to care the any need of a guest and last but not the least, food lovers can experience Londons two most interesting lime here including historic British and French soda.


Surrounded by greenery in the heart of Mayfair, the luxurious and redesigned four season hotel at park lane is unique. Inspired by the “golden age of travel,” the hotel’s 147 guest rooms and 46 suites are a modern take of luxury passenger ships, using Classic English shades and furniture. This hotel’s uniqueness is its many signature innovations like overnight laundry and one-hour pressing, complimentary toiletries, and 24 hours business centre. This hotel gives its residents an exciting opportunity to ride Rolls Royce ghost house cars visit within a mile of the hotel, which is perfect for exploring London’s fascinating experience.


This hotel is situated in one of London’s premier location and the heart of London’s west bank. This European icon looks younger than-new hotel. Langham  London has massive 380 living rooms and suites with all needs. The hotel also offers a world-class facility, with a chip spa; additionally, this hotel offers luxurious surroundings.


The Lanesborough was re-opened in 2015, following the expensive renovation by al-baik painters. The Oetker collection now manages it. This iconic landmark is situated at the heart of the capital’s beloved boutique and fashionable neighbourhood; its architectural heritage is one the Londons most agency landmark. This hotel has 93 rooms with Victorian-style architecture, and this hotel was awarded no;1 in London.


This luxurious hotel is located on the edge of Hyde Park and within walking distance from famous shopping centers, it was opened in 2012, and after that, it has set a new standard of new luxury. It has 85 rooms and suites, which are among the larger in London every facility globally.


Here comes the no one luxurious and the finest five-star hotel in the London

Situated in the high ground, which is London historic place. This hotel is decorated with a blend of  English heritage, and it was renovated and converted into an ultra-luxury hotel. There are 264 rooms and 44 suites in the hotel, which means a comfortable and luxurious experience. The hotels, restaurant.

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