Since the launch of the brand back in 2014 that began as one of the world’s (and one of the globe’s) first companies for beard oil We’ve had the pleasure of maintaining beards looking and feeling amazing across more than 80 countries and providing beard oils that we are convinced is one of the top beard oils available in Australia and around the world markets for grooming.

This is a big claim to make and one that we do not take lightly. Many amazing brands offer excellent quality beard oils There are many certain reasons and reasons we believe our blend is among the finest. Working together with one of the most renowned oil makers for more than 30 years, we’ve been able to break through the noise and create extraordinary products with top-quality oils, no matter what price. A company that values the customer first and provides profit, using the most effective ingredients for beard oils and with sufficient amounts to produce results, not marketing hype.




It’s not a secret. Legally required to inform our customers. Start with a blend of gentle Argan or Jojoba oil (for smoothness), Sweet Almond oil (for zinc and magnesium) as well as one drop of pure Australian essential oils (for facial hairs which smell of the scent of a meadow during springtime). The combination of carrier oils and pure essential oils that have not been processed are the most effective ingredients for beard oils because of a variety of reasons.

Argan oil, though one of the most expensive carrier oils is the gold liquid your beard requires. Its high fatty acid profile helps protect and strengthen hair, adding an appearance and volume, and is extremely light within the beard making it quick-absorbing. Organic argan oil is certified organic and is the main ingredient in our product and is the top ingredient on the list. There are a variety of beard oils that have argan oil included however, they are not at the top spot on the list of ingredients, this means that it might be included in lower amounts, while less expensive oils like castor and avocado oil are in the top place. The law requires you to declare your ingredients from highest to lowest and, therefore, when you’re using oils that have incredible benefits, make sure you apply them in a manner that will benefit the consumer.

Jojoba oil is a fantastic oil that is light for the beard that aids in healing the skin underneath. When you combine it with argan oil for beards it helps with the two most crucial aspects of maintaining beard health hair health and moisturized skin. Jojoba oil for beards aids in replicating the natural skin oil production, which makes it perfect for protecting skin, and aiding in getting rid of beard itching, and also removing beard dandruff.

Essential oils are available in various grades and quality as well as many ways that cosmetics could make use of oils however in a more refined and less costly version. One example can be Australian Sandalwood, one of the most costly essential oils (upwards of $3700AUD for a kilogram). A majority of skincare and cosmetic formulations make use of a processed version to enhance the fragrance and then claim it to be top quality. Our formulations that have Australian Sandalwood are using the absolute purest and longest-lasting essential oil, which means you get the advantages of this oil, not just the scent. This is true for all essential oils that are the purest of them all. It may not matter for you, as a buyer however it is important to us. Our goal is to make sure you get what you’re paying for, and get the most benefit from these ingredients.


Another aspect to consider is the number of oils that are used in the mix. The amount of oils or oils does not determine the outcome rather the quality of the oils selected as mentioned above, and the ratios used to create the right profiles that benefit hair and skin.

Our way of thinking about the way we design our products keeping you in mind has produced products that are focused and yield results. Although our products at first purchase might cost just a couple of dollars more expensive than other beard oil brands on the market, you’ll need less oil, and it will last longer. Each bottle is filled with around 600 drops that are measured using a special dripolator cap designed specifically to fit our product. Certain oils for beards will come with the ability to squeeze drops that can lead to overconsumption, which means you have to buy more frequently. We are sure that buying the right product the first time and purchasing the top beard oil available in Australia will help you save money in the end.

The most smelt-worthy beard OIL



While we were working on creating the most effective beard oil currently available we realized that balance and subtlety was the most important factor. The scent of a beard oil must be amazing but also be complementary with other products you apply to your daytime routine, like a perfume (Eau de Parfum).

The most fragrant beard oil must have a combination of top and the middle (heart) and bottom notes that balance the mix and create a more complex. We recently published an article about how to select the perfect beard oil scent for you.




Because of our choice of ingredients Our beard oil is extremely light and non-greasy, as well as fast-absorbing. A lot of our customers have said that it’s the most ‘oiliest’ oil they’ve ever tried. While it might sound strange, however, we have been working on the ratio for an entire year and a half before launch to ensure it’s the right ratio. Mixing several oils in bottles and labeling”beard oil” isn’t easy. Although you can make beard oils at home, there’s a sophisticated science behind it that creates a remarkable product that is species-specific to the issues bearded males face.

Beard oils shouldn’t be left on the face for an extended duration, so it’s essential to choose the correct blends, ratios, and blends to maximize the benefits of beard oil.

Our product isn’t simply another item. We’ve seen first-hand experiences of spending a significant amount of money on various products in the last two decades that there’s nothing worse than spending the money that you have earned on products that promise many things but fails to meet the promise. We hope the information above will give you a better understanding of the reasons why we believe you’ll be amazed by the beard oils we offer. We’ve got you covered!

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