The Best Beard Styles for Men’s Fashion 2021

What Types of Beard Styles are Hot This Year?

I’m sure you’ll agree that I’m right when I tell you that beards styles are the features that make men appear more mature, masculine, and self-confident air.

Are beards coming in 2021? Absolutely, and this means that it’s the perfect time to change your style. The facial hair alters the shape of the face of men and alters how he appears in the mirror, so you should ditch the classic silhouette you were wearing and try the most stylish beard styles of 2021.

A study carried out by OnePoll on behalf of Honest Amish found that around 33 percent of American males are covered in facial hair of any sort, and 55% of men worldwide are covered in facial hair. In addition, women have found men with full-beards to be about 2/3 less attractive than men with clean shaves.

A YouGov survey found that the popularity of beards has only grown since 2011, with more than 40 percent of British men sporting some form of facial fuzz, and having a full beard still the most popular choice.

Here, I’ll reveal the most sought-after beard styles in 2021. Naturally, they will bring some flair to your appearance. But, of course, you are free to experiment as much as you like to determine what will look great on you, and then you can make it your signature.

How many different types of beards are there?

There are numerous beard styles that men can choose from. Although there might be only a handful of classes, the reality is there are 27 kinds! In this blog, we will demonstrate numerous styles for beards and offer suggestions on how to develop your beard to the one that is right for you.


Beard Style


1.Which is your most appealing beard?

According to research that shows stubble beards are the most attractive, it is thought as the prettiest styles. Contrary to this, the mustache and goatee beard are considered to be less appealing styles for beards.

If you’re not yet ready for an entire beard, Stubble could be the perfect alternative. Although it’s a good compromise between a clean-shaven and shorter beard, Stubble can be functional in its length as well as fashionable.

Of all the facial hairstyles that men can choose from, Stubble is the easiest to grow. The only thing you need to do to get it is to put off shaving for a couple of days. It’s also the most simple to maintain and is the one that fits the majority of facial shapes.


A study by Northumbria University specialists concluded that women like men who have Stubble. According to the study’s authors, “stubbly men offer women an equal mix of both and are not overly masculine, yet mature.”

The Stubble is also an excellent camouflage for imperfections such as acne scars and some even pigmentation of the skin. It will look as great in the boardroom as in bars if it’s kept neat and neat.

As a matter of fact: as an average rule, the optimal growth time for Stubble is 3 to 4 days.

2. Corporate Beard Style


Beard Style

This beard-style for corporate use is an incredibly versatile and office-friendly alternative for men looking to add some seriousness to their look—the perfect middle ground for hirsute men kept neat without being overly spruced up. A short beard fits equally well with a workplace as it is in the pub on the weekend.

A neatly trimmed beard is suitable for all facial shapes, but you might need to adjust the angles to emphasize your best features and minimize the imperfections.

If you have an oval face such as this, it might be beneficial to cut down the length of the sides to help lengthen the face. Similarly, keeping the sides a bit longer may increase the width of the thin, narrow face.

If you’re unsure, it is best to ask a barber to give your beard your next trim. After that, maintain the style at home. It’s never been easier to be fashionable, even at home. Find the essential tools for barbers. This article could be helpful to you, too, if you decide to keep your hairstyle at home.

3. Full Beard

The process of growing a full beard is among the things that are more difficult than they appear. The longer the beard is will require more care and maintenance needs and the more issues you’re likely to encounter.

Beard Style

Of all the styles of beards, The full beard is the most difficult to manage due to its being highly complex. For those with oval faces, you’ll be able to make it look good; however, If you have a different face shape, you might require some inventive trimming to ensure that it’s right for you.

Small, angular jaws and narrow faces may be softened, rounded, and smoothed with keeping your sides a little longer, and round faces can be made longer by making the hair around the chin and making the jaws shorter.

It is also possible to make your face appear more round by making facial hair a bit larger than the hair on the sides.

“Regularly cut off hairs that are straying and smooth it out with balm or oil.” Sam Norsworthy, barber specialist

4. Grey Beard Style

It’s not about the doctor. I’m referring to the male beard, which has already become gray. Don’t get it wrong; the famous saying is”that “men don’t age, they are wise.”


Beard Style

Then, what better method to let the world know how intelligent you have become over time than to show your modernity? Grey is a great advantage. You must show others that you are aware of how you look and comfortable with it, plus, you love it. This is a bold male gesture!

If you’re flexible enough, do not be afraid to talk about changing your beard color. There are many methods to dress it in fashion, no matter the shade!

5. Style of beard trimming

It was only a matter of time before everyone was familiar with the notion that nowadays, men are sporting a well-trimmed beard. So, we’ve got an idea for you to follow for a perfect appearance for any occasion.

Beard Style

The beard that you dye, groomed, and adequately arranged can give you the look of a stylish man with a constant focus on wearing an elegant and fresh appearance.

If you’ve ever thought of making your own, I’ve got you a guide to beard dye that is flawless. Enjoy!

6. Beard Fade Style

Did you know that fades are one of the hottest beard styles for 2021? This trendy, unique style creates an elegant line across the cheeks that fades towards the jawline. The beard is kept with a natural goatee, and the chin strap is arced.


Beard Style

The beard fade look is among the most elegant beard styles. However, if you’re looking to sport it, it’s best to keep it looking fresh.

Please give it a go with this bold style and prepare to make an impression this year, gentlemen!

7. Hairy Face, Bald Head

Are you looking for beard-style ideas before you go to baldness? If so, you’ve come to the correct location! However, there’s one thing to consider before making this decision. The bald and beard combination involves choosing your facial hair following your face’s shape and shape.


Beard Style

For instance, if you have a round face shape, you could opt for a long beard. If you’ve got an oval-shaped face, you must stick to the short beard to prevent the appearance of a longer face.

It’s not a secret that beards with beards have been deemed to be one of the most fashionable designs for men in 2021. Why is that? Perhaps because studies have shown that women find bearded men attractive!

If you’re considering shaving your hair, it’s preferred to grow a beard before doing so. This type of beard looks excellent in any stage of life and at every length, and therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you opt for a full beard, Stubble, or goatee. You’ll look stunning. The beard-like and bald appearance is a great choice.

8. Van Dyke Beard Style

This beard design is an excellent fit for men. The mustache and beard’s chin are more pointed, giving the beard style a distinctive and sharp appearance. With its smooth edges and sensitive trimming, it is fast becoming a popular style with prominent celebrities of the present, including P. Diddy to Viggo Mortensen to Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale, along with Johnny Depp.

Beard Style

This beard style has to be slowly created by using a shaver that is of high quality. The mustache needs to be left untrimmed and focused on the chin region by forming one inverted T. You’ll have a lot of luck with one of the top beard styles of 2021!

9. Goatee Beard Style

Called also known as the “standard” beard, The goatee beard is one of the traditional “old but gold” face hairstyles. It’s an excellent choice for guys who wish to appear stylish and elegant without completely giving up their beards. It’s best for oval and round faces.


Beard Style

It is essential to ensure that you have developed a decent amount of hair so that you don’t end up cutting or trimming too much. It is recommended to seek a professional to get the perfect circle shape since it could be difficult. Once you’ve got the correct style, you can perform the regular trimming and shaving at home.

10. The Beardstache

If you’re thinking of stepping away from fashion to try something that isn’t overly extravagant, the beard stache is the best option. All you have to do is be confident and have impeccable taste, and everything will fall quickly to your appearance.


Beard Style

The beard look, which is trending for 2021 the beard needs to be longer and more full than the hair surrounding it. This is the best look for men with prominent cheeks due to it drawing attention up to the top of the face. Famous faces like Jamie Dornan, Jeff Buoncristiano, and Chris Millington love this beard look that will be popular in 2021. Do you?

“Life is like the mustache. It’s both amazing and awful; however, it never ceases to tickle.” Nora Roberts


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