New recipe protects and purifies the microbiota and barrier function of your skin while also protecting your hair follicles and your hair on your head from pollution. A healthy microbiota and a well functioning acid mantle are essential for good skin (and healthy facial hair). As a result, you’re more susceptible to a variety of skin disorders, as well as the danger of infection and dehydration. As a general rule, soap and other soap-based cleansers tend to raise your skin’s pH while removing vital oils. After washing your face, have you ever felt like your skin was squeezing? Acid mantle damage can be seen in this way. There are issues when this occurs on a daily basis, despite the fact that our skin is quite tough and can recover quickly. Washing using a soap that is excessively abrasive might actually increase your body’s oil production. Doing too much washing might actually worsen the situation for people with oily skin and acne. Several new skin-beneficial components have been introduced to our product line (and microbiome).



  • In addition, Lactococcus Ferment Lysate, a probiotic component, significantly improves both the quality and speed of epidermal development, resulting in enhanced barrier function, recuperation, and skin rejuvenation. Skin and skin microbiota health benefit from this probiotic’s in vitro investigations, which were done by the ingredient’s producer. This probiotic can raise the thickness of the epidermal layer.


  • Improves dull or uneven skin tone, regulates oil production, and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with the aid of niacinamide (Vitamin B3). Can aid in the development of your skin’s lipid barrier, which aids in the retention of moisture. Niacinamide also aids in the formation of new skin cells and protects the skin from pollutants.


We have a new look!


Airless pumps produced from recycled plastic are now being used because we want to be a part of the solution and not a part of it. The virgin plastic used in our ancient flip-top tubes is now gone. In addition to reducing our impact on the environment, our new packaging offers the following advantages:

  • Longevity of potency and freshness. When skincare products are exposed to air, they can oxidise and lose their freshness and efficacy over time. These problems are avoided because to the new packaging’s airless pump design.

Precise administration. In the past, I’ve accidently overfilled a tube of body wash by squeezing too hard. We’re in the same boat. It’s a pain, especially if you can’t put the extra back in its original container. Every pump of our new pumps delivers 0.5cc of fluid.

  • Accessibility. Because we are a small business owned and operated by a service-disabled veteran, we strive to make our goods accessible to everyone. One of our long-time customers had emailed us wondering whether we had any intentions to package more of our products in pumps prior to the epidemic. Only our beard oil had a pump at the time. As a result of a combat-related injury, this customer is unable to use both his hands. Immediately after receiving his email, we made a decision to convert all of our items into pumps. Airless pumps with broad bases that may be operated one-handed are also available.


So, there you have it. So, what’s the same here?


Our Face & Beard Wash is still the energising cleanser you’ve come to know and love in Cleanse.

Cleanses and rehydrates the skin without stripping it of moisture or increasing oil production. Surfactants in Cleanse attract dirt and grime, leaving just the good behind. Probiotics and niacinamide aid in skin rejuvenation, strength, and barrier function.

Cleansing and moisturising the beard will eliminate dirt, filth, and pollutants. Beard itch and dandruff are lessened, and smells are eliminated, thanks to botanicals.

All of our products, as usual, are devoid of scent. When you’re done with the sudsy business, you won’t be able to smell the fresh and revitalising aroma of Cleanse. The result is a face and beard that look pristine and rejuvenated.

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