Tips for Styling Curly, Wavy Hair

Have you tried every air-drying cream that you could find and ended with a frizzy and puffed mess of hair? Have you ever slept and not knowing how your hair would look like the next day? Have you seen heat and humidity in the forecast and went to hide for a week? (Oh, we’re the only ones?)

If any of these sounds familiar, you could be blessed with wavy but not necessarily curly hair. While on some days you may feel like you’re getting the most beautiful of both worlds, however, the majority of the time, it seems like a pain.

The best part? Follow the correct routine and knowledge. Then, you’ll be able to control your curls that are destined to achieve the style you want, whether you’re squeezing your hair into beautiful rings or embracing your natural texture to create effortless twirling or smoothing it with flat irons.


Here’s What You Should Learn About Wavy hair

To comprehend your hair’s wavy, it is first necessary to overview the different kinds of curls. Your genetics and the shape of the hair’s hair follicles (along with a variety of other variables) are a factor in the way your hair appears and is usually classified into four major types as well as diverse subtypes. The classification considers the density, volume length, and consistency according to our guide to curly hair here.

Although you may immediately recognize one of the four main kinds, it’s normal for us ladies with wavy hair to remain in a state of confusion. For instance, you could think that you are in the middle of Type 1 . Type 2. This is based on the time of day, small regular changes in routine, humidity in your air, as well as a myriad of other variables.

Another of the most significant issues for wavy hair is frizz. Because of its natural texture, wavy hair can get frizzy if there is even a touch of humidity! If you’re near oceans, an area that is humid or sweats around your hairline, then you’ll know this well.

Are you feeling frustrated? Yes, we’ve all experienced the feeling.

In the absence of Brazilian hairstyles or blowouts once every couple of weeks — that could be expensive, without a doubt. Our best advice is to test different products and procedures until you find what you like best. It’s possible to choose what style you want to achieve before beginning your type. Then, the minute you walk into the shower could be a big difference.

In addition, we have a few suggestions to remember when you begin to get familiar with your hair’s wavy…

Tips to Control and Style Wavy hair

The general maintenance for hair that is wavy

Find out your hair type. As we said above, hair is likely to fall into a primary class or subtype. 2As, for instance, are known to have a wonderful texture. You’ll have to search for light products and won’t make your hair feel heavy, and a mousse is an excellent option. But 2Cs tend to be coarser and denser hair. As a result, you’ll require more water to help keep your hair moisturized, and your hair can handle more weighty products.

A lot of humidity or rain in your forecast for the weather? If your instinct may be to keep to yourself your hair, it’s not necessary to, but you must be aware of that when styling your curly hair to stop hair frizzing in its tracks. If you are a woman with fine hair, use an easy-to-use styling product such as Potion 10 Miracle Styling Serum. Potion 10 Miracle Styling Potion. Thicker hair can be handled with an ointment or humidity-resistant serum such as the Miracle Styling Serum. The use of deep conditioning or mask applied once per week can also serve as an extra buffer.

If you’re feeling always tied by your flat iron, blow-dryer or curling iron, then you’re all on your own. Use the proper heat protector first and ensure that your device is on the lowest setting. When you’re using your curling iron, wand, or curling iron, an overly hot setting could cause the cuticles of your hair to expand (read frizz!) and even flatten the cuticle. So instead, keep it down and loosely wrap your curl to help create the form of the ring.

If your hair is dry, keep your take your hands off -as well as brushes! Excessive brushing can cause hair breakage and frizz. Also, touching your hair could transfer water from the skin onto the hair strands. Avoid the temptation!

Are you tempted to grow bangs? Could you do it? However, be aware that you’d need more time before going out the door and ensure that your stylist is experienced with curly or Wavy hair. In addition, there’s a specific method to cut it, and it’s even more critical for bangs!

Choose high-end hair care products that are of high quality. Although drugstore brands typically boast a strong marketing campaign (and lower prices), Salon products generally include more potent ingredients and extensive tests to support their claims. So be sure to invest in them; it is well worth it!

How to Prepare Wavy hair for a great style

Sleep in a pillowcase made of satin. It creates a lot of friction, which can lead to hair breaking, and I’m sure you’ve noticed it frizz.

The best hair begins in the bathroom! First, make sure you use warm water that is but not hot; however, not too cold. After that, you should use the cold water after shampooing and conditioning. The cuticle is sealed and improves shine.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Do deep conditioning once a week to keep moisture within your hair. It is also advisable to seek out products without sulfate, particularly in the case of hair that has been colour-treated.

Make sure you follow up your shower with the nourishing products for your leave-in. Try our Miracle Leave-in with Keratin in case your hair is damaged. Also, try our Miracle Leave-In-In-Lite for fine hair and the Potion 10 Miracle Instant Repair Leave-In for dry hair, as well as the Miracle Silk Leave-In for coarse or thick hair.

Wet hair can be tangled using a wide-tooth comb or fingers. In addition, brushing can make your curl break and cause damage.

Don’t roughen your hair using a regular towel! This can cause friction and can cause frizz, and damage. Instead, take a microfiber towel or t-shirt, then gently press or wipe out any excess moisture.

How to Improve your Curls and Waves

Do you want to enhance your curls? First, find a healthy or curl-enhancing styling cream apply it evenly to damp hair. This Miracle Styling Cream is a good example. It can help define waves and curls with bounce and shine, as well as a silky, velvety texture.

Scrunching or twisting your hair when your hair is damp will also aid. Make sections of 1-inch lengths to create a “piece” appearance.

Use a diffuser accessory to your blow-dryer. A diffuser can reduce the force of the air flowing through your blow-dryer, ensuring that your hair doesn’t get roughed up as often. As a result, curls stay in good shape and frizz is kept at bay.

Don’t underestimate hairspray. Find one that provides the hold you want, but without the hardness.


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